Social responsibility

As a company with excellent professionals, we – “Smart Organic” are responsible to the society and concerned for the environment. Our products help people to have a healthy lifestyle. The production process is organized and optimized in environmentally friendly way, we use ingredients with certified organic origin.

Responsibility to our employees

Except for clean environment we aim for clean relationships. We know that our employees are our most valuable capital, that is why we are continuously taking care of their development- professional and personal.

They have special privileges and opportunities, such as:

Accesses to organic products in lower price, in order to lead a healthy lifestyle

Helping each employee who wants to enroll in courses for professional and personal development

Organization of team buildings

Participation in yoga classes and courses for breathing techniques, which are great for the stress management

Social initiatives and donations

  • Smart Organic” supports initiatives related to cleaning the mountains and the forests to the NGO “Za Zemiata”

  • Part of the revenue of some of our products is going to a volunteer organization “Art of living”

    – We separate the waste in the office for easier recycling