Inspiration is essential to our daily work! We are inspired to bring clean, organic products from all around the world to your kitchen. We believe in healthy food as much as we believe in yoga, meditation and having a balanced active lifestyle. Living healthy is our mantra – some of us are vegans, some are yoga teachers, others active climbers and fitness enthusiasts. We are the team behind Dragons and we are trying to bring superfoods into your daily meals.
This mini e-book is born out of our partnerships with bloggers who created inspiring recipes using our products. Every recipe in this e-book is easy and quick, but it also brings you all the healthy benefits of the superfoods. From morning breakfast ideas to sweet treats, we tried to combine some of the best recipes created for us. And to top it up, we added a special topic – cooking with Matcha! This little green miracle is turning into everyone’s favorite and the hot topic of the season. In the book you will find few very inspiring and easy-to-prepare ideas with it.
Did we get you inspired? Create your healthy food inspiration using our Dragon Superfoods selection and share it with us on Instagram using the #inspiredbythedragon. The best ideas will be featured in our second e-book!

This book would not have been possible without their help. They didn’t just cook! They inspired us to do this book and share it with you! We would like to thank them for the dedication, creativity and the visual masterpieces!

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