Social responsibility

Our team at Smart Organic AD consists of highly motivated professionals, who feel responsible for both the society and the environment. Our products encourage people to lead a healthier lifestyle, to be active and happy. Through our products we aim to inspire people to enjoy life. Our production processes are organized in an environmentally friendly manner. The products that we produce are based on ingredients from organic farming. We do our best to support small farmers, both local and foreign.

Responsibility to our employees

We do care for our clean environment, but we also care for the good relationships in our team. We value our employees and we keep in mind that they are our most valuable asset, that is why we are doing our best to support their professional development and personal growth.

We encourage our employees to lead a healthy lifestyle by giving them special discounts for using the company’s products.

We give them the possibility to participate in various team building or group sports activities.

We support them to enroll in courses for professional or personal development.

We give them the opportunity to participate in yoga courses, which help them deal with stress and remain healthy and happy

Social initiatives and donations

  • Smart Organic AD supports various initiatives related to keeping the mountains and the forests clean. These initiatives are lead by the local NGO “Za Zemiata”.
  • Smart organic donates part of its revenue to the international “The Art of living” foundation.
  • We use packages that are easily recycleable. At our facilities we separate the waste, so that it can be recycled more easily.