We are trading with bulk organic superfoods, plant proteins, seeds, grains, pulses. We import the goods directly from the source thus we can offer you a better price and guaranteed quality.

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Here is a list of the products that we trade with:

Acai Freeze Dried powder
Acai powder Spray dried
Acerola Freeze Dried powder
Acerola powder Spray Dried
Alfalfa powder Raw
Amla powder Raw
Aronia, dried Raw
Aronia, powder Mesh 60 Raw
Aronia, powder Raw
Ashwagandha Powder Raw
Banana Freeze Dried powder
Baobab powder raw
Barley grass powder
Beet Root powder
Black Maca powder, raw
Blueberry Dried powder
Brahmi powder Raw
Cacao beans, Criollo, raw, premium quality
Cacao beans, Criollo, raw, production quality
Cacao butter, Criollo, raw
Cacao nibs, Criollo, raw
Cacao paste, Criollo, raw
Cacao powder, Criollo, raw
Cacao powder, Criollo, raw
Camu camu powder Raw 12 % Vitamin C
Carob powder light
Chia seeds, premium quality
Chia seeds, premium quality
Chlorella powder broken cell
Chlorella tablets 400 mg
Cranberry Dried powder
Giloy powder Raw
Ginseng powder white
Goji berries grade 230
Goji berries grade 380
Goji berries powder FD
Green Banana powder
Guarana powder freeze dried
Hulled hemp seeds
Inca berry, dried raw
Kale powder
Kelp powder
Licorice powder Raw
Lucuma powder, raw
Maca powder, raw
Mango Freeze Dried powder
Matcha powder Grade A Raw
Mesquite powder, raw
Moringa powder Raw
Nettle powder Raw
Psyllium Husk Fibre 98 %
Psyllium Husk powder 95 %
Psyllium Husk powder 98 %
Purple Corn powder raw
Raspberries Freeze Dried powder
Red Maca powder, raw
Reishi Powder mesh 300
Rosehip powder
Satavari powder Raw
Spinach powder
Spirulina powder
Spirulina tablets 400 mg
Strawberries Freeze Dried powder
Triphala powder Raw
Tulsi powder Raw
Vanilla Burbon powder grade B
Wheat grass powder
Wheat grass powder
White Chia seeds, premium quality
Yacon Syrup

Protein powders
Chia protein powder 31 % Raw
Almonds protein 45 % Raw
Brown Rice protein powder 82 % Raw
Chia protein powder 36 % premium
Hemp protein powder 46% Raw
Hemp protein powder 50% Raw
Hemp protein powder 55-57% White
Lupine protein 41 % Raw
Pea Protein powder 83 % Raw
Pumpkin protein powder 55%
Rice protein powder 83 % Raw

Press cake
Hemp press cake
Hemp bran
Pumpkin press cake

Commodities :

Green coffee
Green Coffee whole decaffeinated
Green Coffee milled decaffeinated
Green Coffee whole with caffeine
Green Coffee milled with caffeine

Adzuki beans
Buckwheat hulled
Buckwheat flakes
Buckwheat puffed
Amaranth puffed
Millet puffed
Quinoa puffed
Red quinoa
Black quinoa
Tricolor quinoa
Quinoa flakes
Quinoa Bran
Flax seeds gold
Flax seeds brown crushed
Flax seeds brown
Black beluga lentils
Brown lentils
Red lentils
Lentils , Yellow
Mung beans
Basmatai white rice
Brown basmati rice
Brown rice
Rice jasmin, brown
Cous-cous, brown
Sunflower kernels bakery
Soya beans
Sesame Black
Sesame paddy
Pumpkin seeds dark green GWS
Corn Semolina
Cornflakes Buckwheat
Cornflakes Quinoa
Cornflakes Amaranth
Oat hulled
Oat flakes fine
Oat flakes coarse
Oat flakes fine gluten free

Flax flour
Chickpea flour
Hemp flour
Oat flour
Quinoa flour
Rye flour whole
Spelt flour whole
Wheat Flour 700
Wheat flour whole
Wheat flour whole
Еinkorn flour whole

Dried sprouts
Adzuki sprouts
Alfalfa sprouts
Amaranth sprouts
Buckwheat sprouts
Mung Bean Sprouts
Quinoa sprouts
Sesame sprouts
Sunflower sprouts

Almonds raw
Apricots kernels bitter raw
Apricots kernels sweet raw
Brazil nuts
Cashew LWP
Cashew W320
Hazelnuts raw
Macadamia nuts N 3
Pistachio raw
Walnut light amber halves raw
Walnut white halves raw

Black Paper powder
Black Paper whole
Cinnamon Cassia powder
Cinnamon Ceylon powder
Cinnamon Ceylon Stick
Curry Leaf Powder
Curry mix powder
Ginger Powder
Turmeric Powder

Dried Fruits
Banana chips
Banana Dried
Black Currant Zante
Cranberries with apple juice concentrate
Cranberries with sugar
Dried apricots Raw
Dried Mango
Dried Prunes
Dried Tomato halves Raw
Figs Raw
Mulberry black dried Raw
Mulberry white dried Raw
Pineapple rings
Sultana Raisins Raw

Dried sprouts
Buckwheat sprouted
Quinoa sprouted
Chia seeds sprouted
Amaranth sprouted
Sesame sprouted
Sunflower sprouted

Other products
Agave dark raw
Agave dark raw
Agave syrup
Agave syrup
Arenga palm sugar
Baking powder tartar
Baking soda
Black Himalayan salt fine
Black Himalayan salt granules
Brown Demerara sugar
Cane sugar molasse
Coconut blossom sugar
Coconut chips Raw
Coconut chips Roasted
Coconut chips Roasted with flavours
Coconut desiccated Raw
Coconut flour
Coconut mylk 400ml Smart Organic
Coconut oil, deodorized
Coconut oil, extra virgin
Coconut oil, extra virgin
Coconut oil, extra virgin
Coconut syrup
Creamed coconut 200g Smart Organic
Crunchy Choco
Crunchy nuts and amaranth
Crunchy spelled and cranberries
Date paste, raw
King Coconut water 350ml Smart Organic
Lemon Oil
Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12)
Muscovado sugar
Olive oil tube
Orange Oil
Pink Himalayan salt fine
Pink Himalayan salt granules
Pure French Sea Salt Coarse
Pure French Sea Salt Fine
Stevia leaf powder
Stevia whole leaves
Sugar cane light
Sunflower oil
Sunflower oil for frying
Yeast flakes inactive